I am Achola Otieno. A PR professional with a passion for writing and photography. I love food and I drink from different glasses. With love for all the above, My turquoise glass found life.

My Turquoise Glass is  a journey through the food and drinks I have met and fallen in love with.Together, we will go through this journey a step at a time, a day at a time, learning and sharing what Kisumu and the world has to offer to our bellies.

I keep it simple and to the point, posts on MTG are my opinions, and just like everyone else , I am entitled to it.

I welcome guest posts because, definitely I can not know or cover everything.I welcome recommendations and referrals.My friends in the Food, drink and hospitality Industry are welcome to market and publicize their products in MTG.

Everyone eats something, Everyone drinks something, therefore, Eat, Pour, Drink,Repeat…