Sip On It #1

I have made it my priority to keep it real, in the past months. Be brutally honest, straight forward and zero mincing of words.

Now, being fake is such a huge task. It is actually, a burden. To be fake, you have to scheme on the next lie, scheme on how to keep up with your fake life, scheme on how to please those that are not even worth your breath. It is a total waste of time, energy and precious sleep.

But then, who am I to judge?

I want to believe that some, if not all people who act fake have their reasons for that.Some do it because they want to be like others, some because they yearn to be like that, some do not even realize that they are living a lie because it has become part of them. This is why it is your choice to carry the burden of being fake, or the freedom of being real.

Today, In my glass is two shots of Jack Daniels on the rocks. I shall sip it as I decipher on the awesomeness of being real, because it’s the best decision I ever made. Cheers!