Fruity Broke

Being a mother means I go out to hustle and come back home with something tangible for my son. I bring home a outfit, shoes, snack or just a sweet to express my love and care for Liam.

Sometimes things do not work out as we expect and the day may not be as good as others, I call that the rainy days. I was in that situation some time back and as I walked by the street to go catch a matatu home, I kept thinking, what do I get Liam today?

I saw fresh well cut watermelons and pineapples. For 50 Kshs. I had something for him. Considering he loves the melon, I was convinced that even as I got home, he would run into my arms to welcome me as I gave him my portion of the day’s hustle, with love.

Pineapples and water melon