Battles and Smoothies

I have been going through some stuff.  I always say everyone has their own battles. We therefore, should  not judge. Despite that I put on a smile.  I read somewhere that a smile is Contagious.

I met a bubble of positivity, laughter and kindness (if that’s a way to describe someone) a while ago so I decided why not?

While going through through my battles , I don’t mind positive distractions.  What better way than a date?

our conversation… 

Bubble : Coffee?

Me: yeah. Time and venue?

Bubble : I know of a number of vibandas. You could also suggest

Me : 😳😳😳 vi-what?  Anyway , one in particular?  We may know of  mutual places 😄😄

Bubble : OK… Swan Center,  5.15pm.

Me : cool.

Fast forward to Funky Chicken.  I had a Mango smoothie and vegetable Samosas.  I realized how much I need to exhaust kisumu Joints before I think going out of town.  I have been to Swan Centre a thousand times but the place has never caught my eye.




To top it all I had good company.  My dose of laughter was well served.  The stuff I was going through,  were forgotten for a while and that is a step out of stress zone 😄😄.

Nothing beats good food plus great company.

I would go back to Funky chicken,  for a date with Liam. If you love smoothies and affordable ones,  this is the place to go.

Eat, Pour, Drink ,Repeat… 🍻🍹☕🍷🍴