My Kingfisher Story 

The first time I ever took Kingfisher was a certain New Year’s Eve, my birthday.Those were the long old days when I could dance until the sun came up 😀. Being a sweet wine, I kept drinking and drinking and drinking, thank God I was not a designated driver, plus I was in good hands with my cousin Odongo. Prior to this, I always thought Kingfisher is for the older generation and it was a little bit old fashioned.  I was wrong.

Have you seen the latest hottest advert in the screens?  Yesss that’s the new Kingfisher. Say,  same taste, new package.  The new sleek bottle is a total upgrade.

Friday 2nd 2016 at Imperial Hotel Kisumu, the new Kingfisher Apple Fruit Wine was officially launched in Kisumu.

A cocktail of Kingfisher Apple  fruit wine and viceroy is what you need to begin your Friday night. Taken on it’s own, it’s sweeter but eventually gives the desired effect/feeling. It’s even better when served chilled.

Collo of Alkoliquors

Nyadida of Koko media

Snacking and drinking, the Kingfisher and Viceroy cocktail

Yummy 😋😋😋

It’s always a selfie moment 

Go grab  few bottles of Kingfisher Apple available at your favourite chill place. While at it,  be responsible 😀. Cheers!